A.P.C. | Petit Standard | 2 Years, No wash | It might be time to finally retire these. #APC #RawDenim #Selvedge


A.P.C. | Petit Standard | 2 Years, No wash | It might be time to finally retire these. #APC #RawDenim #Selvedge

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Railcar women’s Viper X001 13.5oz Cone Mills red line selvedge combs! Womens get combs too.


Railcar women’s Viper X001 13.5oz Cone Mills red line selvedge combs! Womens get combs too.

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Anonymous asked: Edwin or Nudie?

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prestonsam asked: I've been wearing raw denim for about 3 years now but I've always wondered this. When I order a size off any site, there's usually one in parentheses. * Size 28 (30.25" waist, 8.75" rise, 10.5" thigh, 8" knee, 34.5" inseam, 6.8" leg opening). Looks something like that. Can you give me some clarity on this?

Size 28 refers to the “tagged size” - so what is on the woven tag inside the jeans.

The one in brackets is the actual measurement with the jeans laid down flat and a tape measure put to it.

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Anonymous asked: I noticed an APC new petite standard size on sites that sell denim and I was wondering your opinion on them!

APC makes jeans with solid fits and quality denim. They have a great fading potential. Very popular in the raw denim world, especially for those just getting into it.

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This morning we had the opportunity to work with our friend Jeremy Lee, an extremely talented cinematographer and photographer here in Vancouver.

A video with details about our new brand and our jeans is currently in the works. We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

Sneak previews often released on our instagram accounts:




and be sure to check out @jjudelee |

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Anonymous asked: Hello Guys! This blog is awesome. What kind of models should I go for with a "flat" ass? I always find Selvage denim weird on me on the back? thanks a lot.

I’d recommend a slim-straight fit.

Try the Levi’s 514

Baldwin Henley or 77

Tellason John Graham Mellor

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Anonymous asked: In your recent reblogged picture post from kingryosthrone, what jeans are those? Looks like unbranded/N&F but do they have a fit that tight?

It’s most likely the skinny guy fit considering how tight it is.

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Anonymous asked: I have question. In your opinion what jeans right now have: the timeless style, superior craftsmanship, and all around just a peace of art to own and wear. Basically what jeans are the greatest? Also great blog guys, I really do enjoy it. Peace...

Which jeans are the greatest?!?!

Unfortunately, that is not a question we can answer. There are too many great denim brands and almost all of them have timeless style, superior craftsmanship and are basically pieces of art made for legs. We all have our favourites and each brand has different strengths and a different story.

Thanks for the question!

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Anonymous asked: hi. can you recommend a simple white t-shirt? not to expensive and possibly with a pocket?

Can’t go wrong with Hanes’ 6 oz Beefy T.

This dude loves his shirt:

APC Pocket Tee:

I would also recommend Uniqlo’s crew neck pocket tees:

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Anonymous asked: do you have any info in RRL slim fitting jeans I found a black pair im considering purchasing online but I'm not familiar with the style or fit

RRL slim fit is a slim but not skinny fit. Pretty standard in my opinion. Context has a sizing guide here:

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Anonymous asked: Ironhearts or Flathead

Both are great. It depends on what you are looking for!

If you want super heavyweight stuff that is basically indestructible, Iron Heart is the way to go.. if you’re up to the task. 21oz of pure denim goodness is NOT comfortable (think wearing 2 pairs of jeans at 1 time… every day for months). IH is for the badass.

Flat Head generally has greater fading potential.

Not going to lie, that’s a tough decision!

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Anonymous asked: Hi, so I am looking for a pair of new selvedge jeans. I am thinking either pure blue japan or naked and famous dirty fade. Which one do you recommend in terms of the rate of fading? Also, do I have to size down when buying them?

The rate of fading really depends on how often you wear your jeans and what you do in them. Also, a tighter fit will fade faster than a looser pair since they experience more abrasion with every movement you make.

Sizing depends on the fit, but for the most part you would go TTS or down 1 for PBJ and down 1 or 2 for N&F

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Anonymous asked: do you have any info on acne studio jeans fit guide?

Thanks for the question.

The Acne online store has all their fits of jeans there. The descriptions and size/fit guides for each of their products is quite detailed as well. All your questions can be answered here:

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Anonymous asked: Hey Guys! Love your blog! What do you think about All Saints Selvage with have great cut and price? Thanks

Thanks for reading. Haven’t had any first-hand experience with All Saints selvedge. Their brand caters to a different style, and their cuts will work for certain body types and outfits. I wouldn’t say they have a “great price” but then again, I don’t know the quality of their denim jeans.

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